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Our story - The Label

“The best journey takes you home.”

After a decade of journeying as a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio we have seamlessly transitioned into ‘House of  The Designery’-  A Home & lifestyle label. 

A carefully honed craft of unique story-telling

& a mastery of design technique has led us in a direction that has ‘Prints and Patterns’  at the heart of our brand. At the ‘House of The Designery’ along with collaborating with

Interior Designers & Home Experts we also

offer ‘Bespoke’ Pattern Solutions for your home.

We promise to bring forth a cultivated & clear aesthetic of eclectic prints that leap off the canvas that they are printed on. 

With an innate understanding of trends, colour, form and structure, which we believe are key to building a space, we also launch timely capsule collections of home accessories. Our products characterise an inherent ‘design style’ that

promise to make any room sing. While we focus

on the Home Décor, Interiors & Wall Décor Markets, we don’t shy away from lending our prints to products belonging to other industries.

Our goal is to inspire unique, beautiful & imagined spaces that feel genuine

& true to its identity.



Nikita Mehta Shah

“I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

~Georgia O’Keeffe

Nikita is a Surface pattern designer living in Mumbai, India. She is the founder of the label- ‘House of The Designery’. Her degree in Design from The University of The Creative Arts, London and experience within the design industry has paved the path to mastering a genre of art that gives life, character and movement to surfaces

of products pertaining to the Home décor industry. The originality, depth and the

foundation of her work’s journey has helped

her evolve with a design style that is quickly becoming recognisable as her signature aesthetic.

She started the Label – ‘House of The Designery’ with a simple thought : ” Before there was a product, there was a pattern design for it.” 

Her captivating prints are inspired by the organic shapes found in nature, patterns from around the world, the minimalistic Zen and edgy geometric shapes. These combined have become her distinct style over the years that make for powerful repeats and layouts that pushes a print onto another level. The colour palettes she uses, speak a language of their own and reinforces her work

in a beautiful way.

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